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As DCP supporters and Adopt-A-Wild-Dolphin parents, we encourage you to use this update as an opportunity to contemplate the realities of life in the wild for dolphins and other animals, and how difficult it is for researchers to really know what happens to our dolphin friends under the waves. Current adoptive parents will continue to have the option to renew their adoptions of these three individuals; however, we will not issue adoption kits for new supporters.

December winter is nearly here!


Happy Holiday Season! I am simply amazed at how fast has flown by! We have had a Trading Dolphins productive few months with data processing.

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Kelly has reviewed much of the Bimini videotapes and I have been logging data from our RIMS study site to examine the quality of Trading Dolphins social relationships but more on that Trading Dolphins the next issue. I also had the privelage of attending an Animal Welfare symposium in early November where I learned more about the plight of the Vaquita - the most endangdered cetacean still alive on the planet. While it is hard to believe, there are still some animal species out there for which we know precious little about their lives.

Working together, we learn more and we understand the issues of conservation more too. As we learn more about the behavior and life strategies of the dolphins we study, we also must face the reality that some individuals may have shorter lives than others. Still, our observations bring us closer to understand the experiences and interactions of another animal species.

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I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and hope you enjoy this full issue of the Gazette! Trading Dolphins your assistance, DCP s data analysis could not run so smoothly. You do a great job processing data and helping to keep things organized.

Trading Dolphins done! Internships If you are interested in interning with DCP during a fall, spring or summer semester, more information is available on our website. Please note, most internships are office-based and do NOT include field work. Check out the web site before contacting us at dcpmail. Check out who was seen in !

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INKA Buster 04 - Buster was seen several times this summer and continues to spend time with young adult and adult males. These peers include Lumpy and Trading Dolphins Jaw.

Romeo 10 - Romeo was seen several times inalthough she did not come near the camera! We were hoping to see Romeo with a calf this year she looked pregnant inbut alas, we did not see her hanging close with a calf. Maybe next year! Juliette 12 - Juliette was not camera shy this year as she came by several times with Trading Dolphins latest calf.

She looks like a completely different dolphin than when DCP first saw her in she has so many spots that Trading Dolphins Tehingute teabe jagamine actually quite challenging to find the line of spots that formed along an old scar. Continue reading for an update on her independent calf, Inka. Tina 14 - Like Romeo, Tina looked pregnant in But, also like Romeo, Tina did not appear to have a calf in tow this year.

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We ll all be eagerly Trading Dolphins for Tina to bring a calf by next year! Freckles 15 - Freckles continued to be sure we know she s out there, but keeps a bit of mystery about her! She was seen this Piiratud varude osade ja voimaluste vahe although mostly from the boat, not under water.

I wonder what mood she ll be in next year? Hadoram Shirihai and Brett Jarrett Buster 04, top and Lumpy 17, bottom Lil Jess 35 was often seen with Leslie 80 2 Lumpy 17 - Lumpy continued to be one of the most commonly seen adult males.

Between his spot pattern, the lumps in his peduncle, and this missing edge of his fluke, he s fairly easy to identify both from the boat and under water.

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Split Jaw 22 - Split Jaw looked a bit older this year as all the dolphins did of coursebut he looks in great shape. He was, once again, often seen with Prince William and Tim.

He was also a common player in mixed species groups - that is, groups with both Atlantic Trading Dolphins and bottlenose dolphins present. Lil Jess 35 - Lil Jess came by the camera less often this year, but she still made an appearance by the boat quite regularly. Thank goodness her underbite is easy to see even from the surface! Her calf made it through the winter and was often seen interacting with Leslie s calf.

Swoosh 36 - Swoosh has fully recovered from her pectoral fin injury Trading Dolphins appeared to still have her first calf close by.

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We ll see if she has a new calf next year! Cerra 38 - Cerra is in full mommode and appears, like all of the Bimini spotted dolphins, to be in good health. Judging by the size of her calf, the little one has at least another year to hang close by mom s side - but, we ll see Trading Dolphins brings!

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When we did see Niecey she was in a larger spotted dolphin group, keeping her calf close by. Lone Star 56 - In previous years, Lone Star was quite a regular in our video data. So, we know she is well and accounted for!

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  • December winter is nearly here!

Trudy 57 - Trudy, with the tell tale tip of her dorsal fin making it easy to spot her from the boat, was seen at Trading Dolphins four times in In April, she was swimming closely with a fairly small calf - perhaps her newest offspring?! Prince William 64 - It seemed we saw more of Prince William than ever in !

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He s stayed out of harm s way in the last few years and continues to be seen with Trading Dolphins males Split Jaw and Tim. And now they are all nearly adults! Tim 69 - We still wonder what caused the scarring around the left side of Tim s face, but what we do know is that he has healed very well.

InTim was seen in small groups and in big groups, under water and from the boat, in spotted-only groups and in mixed species groups - it was a busy year for this young adult! Speedy 78 - Trading Dolphins Speedy was first seen a couple of years after the SplitJaw- Billy-Tim trio, he is now seen with similar regularity and often in the same group as those guys.

His big belly spot is getting hard to see though, since he s developing so many new spots around it! Milo 96 didn t seem bothered by moon jellies 3 Leslie 80 - Leslie surprised us in by showing up with a calf. Thankfully that calf, Trading Dolphins ID 99, survived its first year and was seen many times in Leslie wasn t around our camera as often as previous years, but we did see her from the boat many times with Lil Jess Trading Dolphins both calves!

Stefran 82 - One of the oldest, female Adopt-A- Wild-Dolphins, Stefran makes it very easy for us to recognize her, even from the boat. The large notch in her dorsal fin is unlike any other!

This year, she was seen at least three times, each time with other females, including Swoosh and Lone Star.

Addie 84 - It s been a long time since Addie was by her mom Trudy s side and in we continued to enjoy watching her interact with other juveniles, including Inka and Milo, and often in large groups. Tilly 87 - Tilly has not had any major run-ins with sharks since her big dorsal fin injury.


This year she continue to come by the boat and stick around during our underwater observations. She was seen multiple times with Name-A-Dolphin nominee ID 97 and at other times, interacting with a calf - perhaps she was babysitting! Inka 93 - This year, Inka spent time with many different dolphins, from adults to juveniles, like Tilly and Milo. We thought Inka might have some noticeable spots this year, but she did not. Perhaps next year Trading Dolphins ll Trading Dolphins a big spotspurt!

Noodle 94 - Noodle on the other hand gained many new spots since She is still a bow rider and even did so bellyup, just like she used to when she was a calf!


Milo 96 - Milo was seen so often inthat it made it hard to remember what it was like before he was in our photo-id catalog! Sometimes Milo was with similarly aged males, but other times he was busy Trading Dolphins girls! Most videos are logged. Many still photographs are ID d. In the last issue of the Gazette, readers heard about our successful field courses, our summer interns, the tourists we were able to interact with, the edcuational talks we gave and more.

Since then, we ve had about a dozen more dolphin trips, bringing MIT Binary Options Geld Vermien total to 77 trips.


During her visit, I was able to introduce her to Bimini s wild Atlantic spotted Trading Dolphins, as well as show her how DCP interacts with guests during dolphin trips. I was then able to join Linzi as she visited all three campuses Trading Dolphins Bimini s public schools see photo for fantastic programs on endgangered species, coral reefs and marine debris.

Then, it was beach clean-up time! We were joined by the previous day s dolphin trip passengers and Trading Dolphins the morning progressed, a great group of locals joined in too! There was a second round of clean-up efforts on Linzi s last day, bringing our total trash collection to nearly 30 bags of trash, plus recycling and bulk items. And, of course, there were all the dolphins we saw!

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If you haven t already, please turn back to page 2 for a summary of the individual Adopt-A-Wild-Dolphins we observed. And check out page 8 for the newest Name-A-Dolphin nominee!

A bottlenose dolphin, on a November dolphin trip Thank Trading Dolphins to everyone who followed our field reports at www. Cheers, Kel 4 5 The vaquita Phocoena sinus, often previously called the Gulf of California harbor porpoise has been recognized as a rare and vulnerable species since its scientific discovery a bit over fifty years ago. There are a number of potential threats facing the species including habitat alteration by the drastic reduction of freshwater flow of the Colorado Riverand its limited range in shallow waters of the Trading Dolphins portion of Mexico s Gulf of California is considered Trading Dolphins be the smallest of any marine cetacean.

Without a doubt the primary threat facing the species is incidental kills in various fisheries, mainly in several gillnet fisheries. In fact, this is the only well-documented threat to the population, and studies on bycatch have given clear indications that the kills are unsustainable and undoubtedly causing the small population to decline. Viva Vaquita! Thomas A.

Jefferson Thomas Jefferson, Ph. With the recent discovery that the baiji is likely extinct, the vaquita is now recognized as the most-endangered cetacean species in the world.

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Based on abundance estimated inthere are thought to Trading Dolphins less than vaquitas remaining. Based on expected levels of decline, this means there is a window of a few years in which to implement solutions to save the species. After that, it will likely be too Trading Dolphins. In recent years, there been virtually unanimous agreement among researchers and conservationists that what is needed to save the species is complete elimination of gillnet mortality.

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Some limited progress has 6 Viva Vaquita! It is now clearly seen that the only hope for the species is a program that eliminates gillnets, while at the same time providing economic incentives and aid to the affected fishermen to Trading Dolphins alternative sources of income. What is currently needed is the public support Trading Dolphins raise the several million US dollars required to implement the plan.

Green groups often successfully use images of wildlife to focus their fund-raising efforts and obtain sympathy for endangered species a clear example is the giant panda, in which images of this large, attractive animal were instrumental in gaining sympathy for its effective Trading Dolphins.

This has been difficult with the vaquita, which is also a large, attractive animal and with a unique appearance, quite different from any of the other six porpoise species.