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In this report, we performed a phylogenetic analysis of SdiA. The study of the problem historian draws attention to other ways to ensure yourself of food the population of the region. The article discusses the complexity of the food problem during the Great Patriotic War on materials of the Vladimir region. Further studies with larger sample sizes and control groups, and that target long-term outcomes, are needed to extend our understanding of SDiC efficacy.

We measured gaming time as well as self-efficacy using the Stages of Change Readiness and Treatment Eagerness Scale, a measure of therapeutic motivation and problem recognition.

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Total gaming time was significantly lower 3months after the SDiC. Problem recognition and self-efficacy towards positive change also improved.

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Furthermore, there was a correlation between age of onset and problem recognition score. Additionally, age of onset may be a useful predictor of IGD prognosis.

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The author examines the strategies for solving the food problem, the inhabitants of which were used in the edge of the war years. The material for the study is based on documentary sources of local supplies and memoirs of contemporaries.

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The author has reviled that supply of urban population with food conducted by cards, and all the inhabitants were divided into categories with different supplies. The card system is not fully secure the large mass of the population needs in food, but because they had to look for different ways of obtaining additional products.

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Special attention is paid to the creation of individual farms residents and farms businesses that became essential for survival of the people of that time.