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We help to make better laws. Feel free and visit other galleries too or use a search box on first page. Many are ready to take responsibility for ensuring us a better future. Kustutage taust ja viimistlege fotot parimate redigeerimistööriistade, veebiotsingu, kohanduste ja mitme filtriga, et anda asjadele viimistlus. Book contains on 80 images and 45 page of text.

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Pictures, images about family, children and kids lifestyle. You can find a more topics like holiday, vacation, activity, hiking, Stock Photo Options, leisure, fishing, road trip, nordic walking, birdwatching and rafting.

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Feel free and visit other galleries too or use a search box on first page. You will reach the next level in the process of learning photography. You can better transfer and evoke emotion and creative ideas through your photos.

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This e-book could be the start of the development process for both your photographic skills and your soul. An overview is given of probably the best post-processing app Snapseed in the world, which is freeware and also compatible with both.

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A lot of pictures which show the same motif from two vantage points — good and bad side by side. This creates comparison between two options and shows ways to improvement. The picture is born in the thoughts of the photographer and the phone camera is just a means to realise the vision. In addition to camera settings essential for taking pictures, an overview is given of the creative side.

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Composition, portrait, selfie, landscape, architecture, night shots and technical tips for handling the smartphone camera and post-processing. And using the social media, of course.

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Click on the e-book Cover photo. Book contains on 80 images and 45 page of text. It is pdf Stock Photo Options.

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Read on any device. Book is for personal use only. After purchasing the e-book just send me your 3 photos via email and we can discuss these feedback and I will do post processing for them.

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That way you can learn even more and get even better. Just send a money transfer jaaknilson gmail. I send the book directly to you.

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If you click on the photo you can see more information like contents too. It is a short overview about Estonia travel stock pictures, photos, photography and images.

Landscape, nature, towns, manors, people and places. Please use a search box for more images.