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We define sustainability as the creation of social, environmental, and economic value for long-term business success and responsible global development. There is no need to declare a free of payment securities transfer within the limits of one person, it may be deleted from the declaration. In this study, we used a threshold probit mixed model to estimate the heritability of fur-chewing behavior, in order to account for the binary nature of this trait. See tähendab, et kas see liigub bitcoiniga samas suunas või mitte just selles ajaraamistikus, milles sa kaubelda tahaksid.

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Open in a separate window 4. Discussion Fur-chewing has detrimental welfare implications, but also negatively impacts the fur production system by significantly decreasing the value of the furs, as was estimated in the present study. It Trade Stock Selection YouTube was found that the behavior has a genetic component, which is of great relevance for possible further artificial selection programs. The population studied presented sex, weight at sacrifice, and fur price distributions similar to Trade Stock Selection YouTube studies [ 19 ].

For example, the nearly sex ratio observed in the present study is similar to the ones reported by García [ 29 ]. In the same line, the mean weight at sacrifice of the animals in this study is in agreement with the values shown in previous studies on chinchillas [ 3031 ], although slightly lower to those reported by Sportono et al.

Breeders have been selecting chinchillas mainly on size which is directly associated to weight and color, since these are the two characteristics that most influence the final prices of individual furs [ 19 ] and could explain the similarity in the variables studied across countries.

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The percentages of presentation of fur-chewing in Trade Stock Selection YouTube studied chinchillas, are also in accordance with prior investigations [ 172021 ] and had the same frequency of presentation among females and males.

Although Ponzio et al. Regarding the association between fur chewing and fur price, it should be noted that previous studies mention the relevance of this behavior for the fur industry due to its economic repercussions, either because individuals are eliminated from the system or because of a decrease in the quality of the final product [ 121733 ].

However, those studies did not quantify the price difference between furs originated from individuals that developed the behavior, in comparison to those that did not. Furthermore, individuals that perform the behavior might be eliminated from the system Trade Stock Selection YouTube an early stage, not reaching the sacrifice age and resulting in complete loss of the product.

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This should be carefully analyzed in terms of the welfare of these chinchillas. The WelFur Project® aimed to develop on farm welfare assessment protocols for minks and foxes in the fur industry, taking as a base the Welfare Quality Project [ 15 ].

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Although the project does not include chinchillas, many of the welfare indicators used, including the assessment of the presentation of stereotyped behaviors could be applicable in chinchilla fur industry, as a mean of improving their overall welfare.

Some studies suggest that chinchillas with fur-chewing Trade Stock Selection YouTube particularly sensitive to stress. It has been suggested that the condition has a heritable component [ 7 ], and that the inability of some individuals to cope with the stress of captivity could be genetically transmitted.

This idea is strengthened by the fact that not all animals that experience suboptimal or stressful environments demonstrate self-mutilating or other abnormal repetitive behaviors [ 34 ].


However, there are no previous studies providing heritability estimates for fur-chewing for chinchillas. In this study, we used a threshold probit mixed model to estimate the heritability of fur-chewing behavior, in order to account for the binary nature of this trait.

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Furthermore, the heritability in stereotyped behaviors in minks was estimated, resulting in 0. More recently the heritability for crib-biting in equines was estimated, obtaining higher values 0. The genetic predisposition to fur-chewing has also been found in other species of animals. In a study involving mice, a mutation in gen Hoxb8 was considered as a genetic factor behind fur-chewing.

When kept separated, the mice with mutation of this gene would pull out or eat excessively their fur [ 21 ]. On the other hand, it should be noted that the existence of a genetic component in complex traits does not mean that the environment is not important.

In the complex characters, the environmental influence is normally as important as genetics.


The genetic influence on behavior is just a factor, not something preprogrammed or deterministic [ 3637 ]. Under this perspective, the environmental factors become particularly important. It is theorized that the genetic predisposition to develop abnormal repetitive behaviors is expressed when the animals are exposed to certain environmental experiences, which can be associated to inappropriate environments, early or abrupt weaning, or other forms of stress during development [ 343940 ].

In addition, it has been demonstrated that development in a barren environment leads to permanent changes in the central nervous system CNS. Animals forced to live in a sterile environment Trade Stock Selection YouTube early weeks, months or years of their development, have demonstrated to have less neurons in their brain, lower dendritic bifurcation, and spinal density, and reduced synaptic connectivity, besides from a higher incidence of abnormal repetitive behaviors.

This discovery leads to the complex and multifactorial base of these problems, reason why they can be so hard to prevent or treat [ 34 ]. In the present study, records from Chinchillas since were used to estimate heritability, environmental factors that have been described as risk factor for the presentation of this behavioral disorder were not taken into account since they were not available. A future prospective study should consider estimating the heritability of the behavior under different environmental conditions such as housing cage position within the systemlighting, and noise, in order to determine if the expression of this behavior varies.

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These animals will deviate from the regular behavior patterns that are typically found at a given age and sex in a more natural environment [ 21 Trade Stock Selection YouTube. In minks, the development of stereotypes is influenced by the environment and the routine managements, such as feeding strategies hunger [ 42 ].

In Trade Stock Selection YouTube study made Trade Stock Selection YouTube Malmkvist et al. In the same study, fur-chewing was reduced in female minks with access either to biting ropes or to thick food.

Besides the unsatisfied foraging elements leading to abnormal behavior, it has been suggested that fur-chewing could be related to low stimulation, leading to over-expression of other behaviors such as grooming. According to this, an increase in the daily stimuli could be the reason why biting ropes as well as the thick food reduced fur-chewing [ 43 ].

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It has also been observed stress induced fur-chewing in degus Octodon degusresulting from loneliness of the animals in their individual housing [ 21 ]. Ponzio et al.

Contrary, the use of sawdust as bedding material maintains chinchillas engaged in positive behaviors and reduced the appearance of the behavior [ 44 ]. Thus, environmental enrichment could be a positive management measure that provides animals with opportunities to perform specie-specific behaviors, and FX OPTION TEHINGUD them some control over their environment whenever possible.

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It has been demonstrated that being able to control certain aspects of their surroundings for instance, nest construction for thermoregulation diminishes stress for captivity conditions for many species. In addition, all efforts must be made to ameliorate aspects of the environment that the animal Ebaoigeteta aktsiaoptsioonide muumisega stressing [ 34 ].

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Finally, with the results of the present study, the possibility to carry out genetic selection beyond production traits, given that the heritability is low and significant, Trade Stock Selection YouTube decrease the percentage of fur-chewing presentation within the system.

Breeding for behavior has already been proposed as an opportunity for improving animal production and welfare, which requires the development and validation of proxy measures of key behavioral traits [ 47 ]. Conclusions In conclusion, fur-chewing behavior has an effect over fur price, and the reported genetic parameter in the present study indicated that a genetic improvement of this trait can be accomplished low and significant heritability for fur-chewing.

Acknowledgments We would like to acknowledge Gonzalo Lara Yáñez for allowing access to the records of Chinchillas from his farm. Author Contributions Conceptualization, T. Conflicts of Interest The authors declare no conflict of interest. References 1. Cortés A. Relación costo-beneficio en la termorregulación de Chinchilla lanigera. Trade Stock Selection YouTube Stock Selection YouTube food habits of the endangered long-tailed chinchilla Chinchilla lanigera : The effect of precipitation.

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Mononen J. The development of on-farm welfare assessment protocols for foxes and mink: The WelFur project. Tadich T. Conductas no deseadas en equino. A survey assessment of the incidence of fur-chewing in commercial chinchilla Chinchilla lanigera farms.

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Wierzbicki H. Breeding value evaluation in Polish fur animals: Estimates of co variances due to direct and litter effect for fur coat and reproduction traits.

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Acta Sci. Lapinski S. Analysis of factors increasing the Trade Stock Selection YouTube of fur chewing in Chinchilla Chinchilla lanigera raised under farm conditions. Mösslacher E. Breeding and Caring for Chinchillas. Fur biting; pp.

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