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This method could visualize brain bay, convolution and vein as index of surface. Five normal adults male, mean age: year-old and 7 patients with brain tumor on the Must Swan Option Strateegia locus to surface male: 4, female: 3, mean age: The brain surface was visualized by SAS surface anatomy scanning.

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These images were superimposed and functional image of peripheral sensorimotor region was evaluated anatomically. In normal adults, high signal was visualized at another side of near sensorimotor region at 8 of 10 sides. In patients with brain tumor, signal was visualized at another side of sensorimotor region of tumor without 2 cases with palsy. In another side of tumor, signal of fMRI was visualized in 5 of 7 cases.

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The tumor was visualized as opposite low signal field in SAS. This method could become useful for presurgical diagnosis. Curved MPR is used primarily for semiautomated or completely automated calculation of the centerline of the vascular lumen and to estimate the orthogonal vessel diameter and longitudinal extent.

Reproducible and accurate measurement of complex pathologies and courses of vessels extends the range of diagnostic radiology.

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To improve patient selection, procedural planning, root-cause analysis postoperatively for assessment of treatment effects and to make better communication of findings to nonradiologists possible, volume rendering techniques VRT are a beneficial adjunct to source images. With current algorithms semiautomated segmentation is satisfactory for vessels and bones, but not for low-contrast structures soft tissueswhich still need to be segmented manually.

In general, isotropic CT source data are preferable to MR images, which are often anisotropic. In many European countries image postprocessing is still not adequately reimbursed although the doctors making referrals often specifically and emphatically demand 3D visualization and measurements in daily practice.

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Die gekruemmte MPR wird semiautomatisch bzw. Eine reproduzierbar exakte Ausmessung komplexer Pathologien und Gefaesslaengsverlaeufe erweitert das.

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