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The RMH Board takes full responsibility for the preparation of this booklet. Nõnda sõltusid nii fondijuhtide enda rikkus kui ka sissetulekud just sellest, kuidas fondil läheb. RMH facilitates disciplined capital allocation over the long term in order to grow these investments into businesses that will ultimately deliver sustainable earnings and dividend yields.

These partnerships allow Atterbury Europe to obtain in-country expertise and local insights, allowing it to source lucrative real estate development opportunities that can deliver superior returns for shareholders. The large increase in current assets, which is matched by a current liability is attributable to the 50 million commitment in the form of a loan to Atterbury Europe in relation to the Bucharest Land Opportunity.

Voimalus Merchant Hedge Foundation

This commitment is currently held by Atterbury Europe on deposit in cash and remains under the control of RMH Property. Subject to conditions and should the land lease be signed; the liability will be converted to share premium and the asset will become an investment in Bucharest.

As the lockdown regulations eased, we Voimalus Merchant Hedge Foundation seen an improvement in cash flow pressures. The loan to value ratios remain well within the acceptable range and all in-country operations are currently cash positive. The recovery is, however, slower than originally forecast as countries are experiencing second waves of the pandemic, which is preventing people from getting back to normal.

The group s development expertise is unrivalled in the South African market with a core team of development professionals that have consistently demonstrated the ability to manage development risk to deliver shareholder returns.

Reduced valuations, increased gearing levels and lower collections have provided the industry with a very challenging environment. Atterbury Property Holdings is actively managing rental collections and it is anticipated that lockdown easing and broader reopening of the economy could potentially provide positive support to collections. Integer partners with reputable property developers who have secured attractive development opportunities but lack the equity to bridge the gap between the level of senior institutional debt and the development cost.

It provides this equity as an unsecured loan and takes a shareholding in the deal.

Voimalus Merchant Hedge Foundation

The company focuses on the development and ownership of prime office, industrial and retail properties with strong long-term leases from blue chip tenants. Its portfolio is comprised of new developments and existing income-producing properties.

Voimalus Merchant Hedge Foundation

From a cash flow perspective, Integer was least affected by the lockdown, in so far as high gearing is part of the business model so too are long-term leases.

The group has a weighted average lease expiry in excess of 5 years and, despite the poor financial results, the Integer group is in a comfortable financial position for the foreseeable future.

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The fund invests exclusively in urban renewal through the development of inner-city thereby well-located precincts, which feature a dense mix of affordable rental housing, commercial spaces, a rich mix of urban and social amenities as well as high quality public spaces.

The model is in contrast to the current dominant model of affordable housing delivery in South Africa, where lower income households are confined to the urban periphery, far from opportunities and essential services.


Valuations were lower than the previous year, net operating income was reduced and capital repayments on bank debt were deferred. The loan to value for the company is at an acceptable level which, aided by the high level of collections, has assisted the company in weathering the impact of COVID RMH Property s portfolio companies currently have adequate funding resources to support their respective existing approved development pipelines.

RMH Property is therefore not expecting to provide any further capital into any of its portfolio companies. Atterbury Europe is well positioned to take advantage of the exciting real estate development opportunities in the Eastern European real estate sector, given the strength of its partnerships and its ability to raise capital to fund growth optimally.

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RMH Property entered into a partnership opportunity in November with Atterbury Europe and the Iulius Group in Bucharest to develop a new hub for business, entertainment, retail and residential living. On completion, the development is projected to be the largest real estate project in Romania s history and will house the tallest building in Romania and consist of 14 buildings including retail, office, residential and a five-star hotel.

RMH Property has capped its participation in the Bucharest opportunity to 50 million. The opportunity is expected to generate a very lucrative Eurodenominated yield, which will translate into solid Rand-denominated returns.

The approvals for the right of use of the land on which the project will be developed remain pending as at 30 June RMH shareholders will be updated on any material changes in the process as they develop.

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It has a balanced investment portfolio of high-quality properties that can be monetised to provide further funding into its development pipeline, if required, and market factors and other dynamics at the time allowing. Integer continues to evaluate attractive opportunities as they arise.

Divercity has developments of more than R1. Accounting policies These summary results incorporate accounting policies that are consistent with those used in preparing the financial results for the year ended 30 June except for the adoption of certain IFRS that became effective in the current year. The audited consolidated annual financial statements, from which these summary consolidated financial statements are extracted, are prepared in accordance with the going concern principle under the historical cost basis, as modified by the fair value accounting of certain assets and liabilities, where required or permitted by IFRS.

IFRS 16 introduced a single lease accounting model for lessees, impacted the group s accounting policies for lessees and had an impact on the group s financial results since 1 July IFRS 16 establishes principles for the recognition, measurement, presentation and disclosures of leases, with the objective of Voimalus Merchant Hedge Foundation that lessees and lessors provide relevant information that faithfully represents those leasing transactions.

In terms of IFRS 16, the accounting treatment of leases by the lessee has changed fundamentally as it eliminates the dual accounting model for lessees, which distinguishes between on-balance sheet finance leases and off-balance sheet operating leases.

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In addition, the group adopted the amendment to IAS Income Taxes relating to the recognition of the income tax consequences of dividends. The amendment clarifies that the tax consequences of dividends should be recognised in the income statement, other comprehensive income or equity according to where the past transaction or events that gave rise to the distributable reserves from which the dividends were declared were recognised. No other new or amended IFRS became effective for the year ended 30 June that impacted the group s reported earnings, financial position, reserves or accounting policies.

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For more details on the impact of adopting the new and amended standards, please refer to page The auditor also expressed an unmodified opinion on the consolidated annual financial statements from which the summary consolidated financial statements were derived. Unless the financial information in this booklet is specifically stated as Voimalus Merchant Hedge Foundation, it should be assumed to be unaudited.

A copy of the auditor s report on the consolidated annual financial statements is available for inspection at RMH s registered office, 2 Merchant Place, corner Fredman Drive and Rivonia Road, Sandton. An explanation of what to do and what not to do during an examination should be outlined in a brochure given to patients before the examination.

Voimalus Merchant Hedge Foundation

We gathered MRI-related safety information and instructions, and assessed the effect that the information might have on patients. We started a workgroup for a project to plan and record a video according to the Storyboard.

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When editing, we reviewed the length of each segment, the amount of information on screen, and the overall length of the DVD.

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Voimalus Merchant Hedge Foundation

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Voimalus Merchant Hedge Foundation

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